[European Tournament] A brand new Challenge : DUEL-CUP

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    • [European Tournament] A brand new Challenge : DUEL-CUP

      [Europe] Duel-Cup

      A new challenge has risen in Elrios to decide the best of

      the best so come and show us your vigor!

      Sign in and prove in 1 versus 1 Battles

      your superiority, your skills and fight for the 1st place!

      Our Guild [Duel] has decided to host a tournament to

      celebrate the Start of the European Server and to see

      what the best Players of all our Servers are made of.

      The Tournament will be in Single Elimination Brackets

      ⦁ Best of 3

      ⦁ Semi-Finale : Best of 5

      ⦁ Grand Finals : First to 5

      ⦁ All titles and Rings are prohibited

      ⦁ Wedding Skill is prohibited

      ⦁ All Attributes including your Armor are prohibited

      ⦁ Mana Necklace and Ereda Necklace is allowed every other necklace is banned

      ⦁ PvP-Sparring (+7) is the only set allowed

      ⦁ IB-Sets are allowed (Limited)

      ⦁ One-Piece Costumes are prohibited

      ⦁ Weapon and Armor wedges are allowed

      ⦁ Unique Accessories except PvP-Accessories are banned + every Eltrion Accessory

      ⦁ Effects with + 5~10% Critical Damage and On-Hit proc effects / -5~10% Mp Cost and Cooldown reduction are banned (Example: LoW 4/5 , EO 3/3,Elpheus 5/5,CM 4/5) but LoW and the rest can still be worn without proccing the banned effects

      ⦁ Add. Damage : 0~3.000

      ⦁ Critical : 0~30%

      ⦁ Maximize : 0~3.000

      ⦁ Damage Red. : 0~25%

      ⦁ Specilization A and B are not allowed to be socketed

      ⦁ Awakening Charge and Time are not allowed to be socketed

      ⦁ Mana Gain of any kind is not allowed to be socketed (Mana Necklace and Guild effects are allowed)

      No unsportsmanlike conduct.

      Players are responsible for preparing all equipment and skills before entering the room.

      If players are taking too much time to prepare their characters, they may be disqualified. (Maximum of 5 Minutes once the room has been entered unless theres technical difficulties)

      Players are not allowed to leave the tournament room during a best of 3 or best of 5 series unless the room is being remade. (Under any circumstances or else they will be disqualified)

      Arguing with a referee and Organisers call in game is grounds for immediate disqualification. (Lag Calls)

      Exploitation of passive gameplay that devolves into running will be sanctioned with a warning and if it doesnt stop the player will be disqualified. (only if excessive)

      Only 1 unique account can register for the tournament. (Any duplicate registries from the same player on 2 different accounts will result in disqualification on all registries.)

      In the case of technical difficulties or explicit lag, the Organisers/referees reserve the right to make all final decisions on the administration of the tournament.

      Lag will be strictly watched if it is bad there will be a

      re-do and if the player can't fix his lag he will be disqualified.

      Important Reminder: We strongly advise players to check over all equipment and connection before the start of the match.

      The stages will be decided as stated below:

      Players decide who picks a map first if there is no agreement a Coin will be flipped (via Program)

      The Loser of the previous match will then choose the next stage.

      You can't counterpick a stage if you've previously won on it during the match unless both agree.

      The following is a list of stages that are allowed:

      Wally/Robo Castle - Center

      Wally/Robo Castle - Roof

      Dyurahan Colosseum

      Winter Velder/Ice age in Belder

      Elrios Bay

      El Tree - Bottom

      Banthus Cave

      Every other stage is BANNED

      The Tournament will be streamed and commentated on

      Twitch by:


      The Twitch chat will be English only every other

      language will be sanctioned with a Time-Out and if

      excessive they will even be banned from writing.

      You can sign in to the tournament by sending a Friend

      Request on Discord to either:

      Me : Aiden#9864



      We will accept your request take your Information , sign you in and Invite you to the Tournament Discord server.

      People that don't want to participate can also add either one of us and Join as a Member and observe the Server.

      We also accept entries via. Private message (Forum) but we'd like to avoid that.

      DATE: TBA

      All Information regarding Brackets and Questions

      will be discussed in the Discord Server.

      ES Players will need to send me a link to their Ping and tell me their rough location and will then need to test their Connection in a Room with an Admin or CoAdmin then I will decide whether or not we can accept the entry.
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